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People are generally honest. Do you agree or desagree?

Honesty is related to basic principles like education, religion or personal faith. Most cultures have a different attitude towards lying and honesty. An international study about lying shows that families who have been involved in community and religious activities do not make use of excuses or fibs in common daily situations, like school and supermarket.

Recent research has revealed that probably less than 5 per cent of the population has the ability to detect a liar. So a liar is pretty much confident that will not get caught. Most psychiatrists believe that lies are usually about here and now. As a short-term solution to an immediate problem, lies are trivial, specially to avoid punishment for something that you have done and also to win an admiration of others.

In my opinion, people are generally honest but in order to escape from an awkward social situation, liars can make use of fibs. For example, when you have to decline an invitation or give your opinion without hurting someo…