Passive smoking is a serious problem of public health. Important health institutions, as the Royal College of Physicians of London and the General Surgeon of the United States, had researched for decades the relation between passive smoking and lunger cancer. With the advance of the scientific evidences on diseases for the public health, in 1971, the United States approved protective laws to passive smokers.

The present state govern office has a new no-smoking law that affects a lot of São Paulo citizens. The anti-tobacco law was validated last August. The new legislation forbids smoking in closed environments of collective use as bars, restaurants, commercial buildings and nightclubs. The new legislation lined up São Paulo with the international trend of prevent illness caused by tobacco.

For the heavy smokers, the law is very controversial because they have to go to special smoking areas or sidewalks to smoke even if it is raining or cold. It is only allowed to smoke in special places with open sky line. Another problem is that sometimes ashtrays or any kind of dispenser for the leftovers and the matches are not available.

The non-smokers and the ones that work in public places like waiters, believe that the law is very positive because they are not exposed to smoke and are not passive smokers anymore. As a non-smoker, I believe the law can be considered positive because nowadays I can hang out with my friends at the dance floor or pubs without getting smelly or with any kind of respiratory disease.


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